121 Training Sessions

Here at Jurassic Bark Harrogate, I can help with a variety of training requirements for both young and adult dogs.

Getting a puppy?

Whether you're considering a puppy and need advice on how to choose the right pup, or you've already brought puppy home and need some advice on setting them up for success, I can help.

From choosing a good breeder, to simple obedience training exercises and socialising your puppy, getting the right advice as early as possible will help to give your pup the best start in life.

Training and behaviour advice

Our private 121 sessions are ideal for concentrating on a specific area of training that requires some extra attention or perhaps just a pooch who needs a quieter space to learn.

On occasions where I feel group training classes would be more suitable, or for more complex behaviour issues that require specific facilities, I am happy to refer you onto reputable training providers in the area in order to get the best result for your dog.

Along with my Diploma in Canine Behaviour, I regularly attend industry seminars & training courses with some of the top training schools in the country, as well as accessing regular webinars online to stay up to date with the latest techniques and research. Details of these courses can be found on the About page of the website.

All our training is centred around reward-based methods which set your dog up to succeed from the very start.

Please get in touch if you would like to to discuss your requirements or arrange a consultation.

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