How to know if a labrador is right for you...

Are you considering getting a labrador? Here’s some advice on what to expect from one of the most popular breeds worldwide, from a fellow lab owner.

Do you really need all that love in your life?

I’ve grown up around 5 very different labradors in my 29 years on this earth, but every single one of them has had so much love to give. They’re a very sociable breed and can often be quite high-maintenance and attention seeking.

So if you’re looking for a dog that will happily curl up on its bed for hours on end, wait patiently for you to get home from work, go for a short walk round the block and then curl up again for the night, a labrador probably isn’t for you. Alternatively, if you enjoy spending hours playing, snuggling, rolling around on the floor and walking in the outdoors whilst chasing a dog with half a dead chicken in its mouth, you’re on the right lines with a lab.

You don’t really need a clean house right?

I love having a clean house. Sorry - past-tense - I loved having a clean house, then we got Bowie.

Don’t get me wrong, my house is still clean, albeit covered in tiny black dog hairs, toys, bones, bits of chewed everything, dribbled water, stolen tea towels and socks. Luckily I love my cheeky black fur ball enough to get the hoover out every day, even if he does try to eat/attack it when I do.

Become a minimalist

Having a six-month old labrador puppy is like having an exceptionally tall toddler.

Here is my top tip; put everything you own and love high up. I’m talking about ornaments, cd’s, dvd’s, especially food, tea towels, poo bags, gravy boats (yes really) - basically everything you own, high up.

Think of it as a labrador style flood.

Expect to be desensitised to embarrassment

Now this admittedly isn’t isolated to just labradors, but prepare yourself to be embarrassed so many times that you will no longer realise when a situation is embarrassing.

From humping a fellow puppy’s face at puppy class to turning on the internal sprinkler system every time he sees a new visitor, no situation is safe.   

Still interested?

Marley & Me wasn’t just one lab owner's story, it’s just everyday life with this lovable, goofy breed.

If any of the information above scares you, don’t get a labrador. If not, welcome to the club, and congratulations on getting a lifelong best friend with a great sense of humour.

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