Having a pet is a rewarding experience, but not everyone has the luxury of spending each and every day at home with them.

Whilst most dogs will happily snooze for few hours, choosing a professional dog walker or organising daily pet visits for your dog gives them the extra stimulation, exercise and attention they need to break up a full day of being home alone.

Additionally, going on holiday can be a stressful experience without worrying that your pet is confined to a new kennel or cattery environment with strange, unknown sounds. Leaving your cat at home in the care of an experienced cat sitter or home boarding your dog with us (dog walking customers only) gives you the peace of mind that they are in familiar, relaxed surroundings with plenty of home comforts.

With Jurassic Bark Harrogate, we get to know your pets beforehand during an initial consultation to assess their likes, dislikes, personality and hiding places. So whatever your reason for being away from home, you don’t need to give your pet’s care a second thought.

Jurassic Bark Harrogate