Pet Visit Terms & Conditions

Jurassic Bark Harrogate agrees to:

  • Be responsible for ensuring the business is fully insured at all times and that this does not lapse.

  • Perform agreed-on services in a reliable and caring manner.

  • Notify the owner of any occurrence which may affect the wellbeing of the pet.

  • Only perform duties as specified.

  • As sole proprietor, if a scheduled visit needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sitter may appoint a substitute Sitter with the written approval of the Owner and any difference in the fees charged shall be paid by the Sitter.

  • Keep safe and confidential all keys, remote control entry devices, access codes and personal information of the Owner and to return same to the Owner at the end of the agreement period or immediately upon demand.

  • All personal client information will be stored securely. Paper copies of any personal information will be kept in a locked safe and any electronic information held behind multi-factor authentication. Personal data will only be kept for as long as is necessary, after which point this data will be securely destroyed.

The owner agrees to:

  • Provide suitable products such as cat litter, pet food, hay, wood shavings etc, for the sitter to provide adequate care during visits.

  • Provide compensation as agreed, payable by invoice.

  • Give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or accept that penalties may be incurred. Where regular cancellations occur, the Sitter retains the right to charge for the scheduled visit.

  • Allow the Sitter to immediately terminate the agreement if their pet becomes aggressive.

  • Provide truthful and honest information regarding your pet(s). Any false or misleading information will result in a breach of this agreement and it may be terminated with immediate effect.

  • Having read, understood and agree to our Privacy Policy (found on our website:


  • The Sitter accepts no liability for any breach of security or loss of or damage to the Owner's property if any other person has access to the property during the term of this agreement.

  • The Sitter shall not be liable for any mishap of whatsoever nature which may befall a pet or caused by a pet who has unsupervised access to the outdoors.

  • The Owner shall be liable for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the Sitter caused by the pet as well as damage to the Owner's property.

  • The Sitter is only liable to claim on the company’s insurance if a pet befalls an injury or illness due to negligent conduct by the Sitter.


In the event of an emergency, the Sitter shall contact the Owner at the numbers provided to confirm the Owner's choice of action. If the Owner cannot be reached within a safe amount of time, the Sitter is authorised to:

  • Transport the pet(s) to the listed veterinarian;

  • Request on-site treatment from a veterinarian;

  • Transport the pet(s) to an emergency clinic if the previous two options are not feasible.

Relaxation of Terms

Any relaxation of terms for one specific occasion does not waive the terms set out in this agreement, which will continue to remain in force for subsequent visits.

Any alteration to these terms must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Jurassic Bark Harrogate